To examine the gender equality in the organization in front of other organizations and to give a gender equality score in the SAAS organization A system for further development of APPSFLYER The prototype was purchased by the Equal Work Association and adopted by a company

מחפש חברה מאמצת

Explanation of Status and Possibility of Selling Equal Work offers a service for organizations striving to change their gender organizational culture. It does this by researching, identifying and defining problematic gender norms and also helps afterwards with analysis, recommendations and guidance along the way in order to improve the situation in the same organization to which it provides the service. Currently, Equal Work performs its services manually which leads to long waiting times for service and the employment of a large workforce

About the project

About the project

The challenge

In Israel there are tens of thousands of dogs abandoned by their owners, and tens of thousands of dogs are anesthetized every year. In addition, the number of actual animal efforts is significantly smaller than the number of potential efforts. The initial encounter with the animal takes place in a stressful environment, which may make it difficult to make the right decisions as to whether the potential efforts are prepared to raise animals. Lack of forethought about the responsibilities involved in adopting an animal. Implications for family, leisure, economy, medicine, etc. can lead to the abandonment of the animal after it has been adopted. Availability of purebred dogs for a fee – for each adopted dog, 2 purebred dogs are bought.

the solution

יצירת מערכת SAAS אשר תסייע לאנשי המקצוע בעבודה שווה להבין את מצב השוויון המגדרי בארגון אותו הם בוחנים, להצביע על התחומים הבעייתיים ולמקד את דרכי הפתרון. המערכת מנתחת את הנתונים המתקבלים מסקרים שעובדי הארגון ממלאים ומציגה אותם על גבי דאשבורד אשר יש לו 2 נקודות מבט- אחת המציגה את מצב השוויון המגדרי בארגון, מייצאת ״ציון שוויון״ שמשקף את מידת השוויון המגדרי של אותו ארגון אשר מסתמך על שלושה תחומים – קידום מקצועי, גמישות ואיזון עבודה – משפחה. ובנוסף מציגה את הנושאים שדורשים טיפול לפי ניתוח מילולי. נקודת מבט שנייה, השוואתית, של אותו ארגון ביחס לסקטור אליו הוא משתייך.

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Reducing gender inequality as it exists today in the Israeli labor market
Improving the range of services that Equal Work offers for the organizations it accompanies.
Increasing productivity and shortening working hours of equal work.
Issuance of detailed and rapid reports for the experts of equal work
Creating a convenient and simple system for collecting and analyzing the data that Worth Work collects from the organizations it accompanies.
Increasing the potential of customers to whom equal work can reach and assist.
Reducing gender inequality as it exists today in the Israeli labor market


Sivan Marco
technological development
A 12th grade student majoring in computer science, specializing in artificial intelligence and learning machine
Shir Deutsch
Business Development
Entrepreneur and business developer. Master of Business Administration student.
Song Nidam
UX.UI design
Product designer, holds a bachelor's degree in visual communication from Shenkar, specializing in UI UX